Sunday, February 1, 2009

Supper Time...Feb. 1-7, 2009

*Meals are subj. to change w/o notice due to unforeseen circumstances, change of plans, migraines or meltdowns!!
Note: try to use free-range organic or all-natural chicken and beef, and organic fruits and vegetables when possible...and always try to use organic dairy!!

Super Bowl!

Monday: Chicken Pot Pie
(use chicken I prepared and froze last week)

Tuesday: Leftovers or homemade chicken soup and sandwiches
(we're forecasted for a snowstorm that day, so I may be in the mood to make some soup!)

Wednesday: Pot Roast
eye round, potatoes, carrots

Thursday: (practice tonight...have this meal prepared ahead of time!)
Stuffed Shells
Italian bread

Friday: Cheeseburger Pie (this makes a great freezer meal!)
(I omit the onion or use a small amount of onion powder instead)
green beans

Saturday: Family Fun Night
"Pizza Planet" (I will have the kids create decorations for their own pizza "restaurant".)
Make your own: mini pizzas, stromboli, calzones

For more meal planning inspiration:

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