Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Show Down...

We're a huge Steeler family here so we're so excited our team is on their way to the Super Bowl! We have our gear out and our terrible towels ready to fly!!

Here are some plans for our superbowl party menu:

In the past, for all of our parties (and we love to party here) I have always ordered a hoagie ring from the deli. These run us from $28-$35, whether we need a medium or large. I slice the ring into sandwiches for each guest. Everyone loves them so they were worth the expense. So, I was so excited to get this recipe! I never even thought of being able to make my own!! Leave it up to Pillsbury!!

I'm thinking of either having this be a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich (if I choose to do a hot sandwich) or if I choose to do a cold sandwich, I will do half turkey and cheese and half ham and cheese. Or...I may be daring and do a Pittsburgh favorite...a Primanti sandwich (a cheesy burger with french fries and coleslaw on top!)

Hot dogs en croute: (sounds better than "pigs in a blanket")
I always make these. I've been making these myself with the crescent rolls for years. SO much cheaper than buying 100 of them (frozen) for $16.99, which they cost here, and they taste so much better!! I buy a large pack of Nathan's cocktail franks at a wholesale club for $6.99, then get my crescents for free or .30 cents, usually, with coupons!

I might try these...I've never made them before. We're not big nacho/taco people here (actually I love tacos, but I'm the only one!) so I might try to think of another filling. Shredded Chicken, bacon, and shredded cheddar might be good?? (can dip in sour cream?) Any ideas??

I'm also planning on having pierogies, kielbasa, and Klondike bars (a Pittsburgh original) Go here for more Pittsburgh famous foods.
Any other ideas?

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  1. Sounds like fun! My hubby has been a Steelers fan for many, many years, so... Go Steelers!