Saturday, January 31, 2009

New England Saturday Night- Cozy Family Fun!

What a wonderful Family Fun Night we had tonight!! Extended family visiting from out of town made it so special! I am so thankful to the Lord that we are all healthy (aside from my children having colds) and that we were able to be together! Living simply and having the love and support of your family is all that matters...the most important things in life aren't things.

A tradition in our family growing up was a traditional Saturday Night Supper (pronounced "suppah"...hence, the accent!). And tonight, with my sisters all together, our family got back to tradition, relishing the stories of our older relatives who have passed on, and making our own, new memories I hope our children will remember.
A super weekend started out last night, when my sister flew in from "down south" to see my husband coach against my father in a high school basketball rivalry. Turns out that experience does prevail, and Dad won...again. I'm happy for my fathers victory, but of course would've loved to see my husband win! (gotta support the paycheck!!) It can only happen in a "tiny town", as one of my "blog buddies" puts it!

Dinner is served:
Hotdogs (boiled of course!!) New England style hotdogs: boiled or steamed...never fried!

My rendition of The Maine Diner's Mac & Cheese:

B&M Baked Beans...and only B&M!! ( you know that B&M makes a Boston Brown Bread in a can??!! What a devoted Boston based company...offering all the faves in a can!) Of course I "doctored" them up a bit with some nice crisp bacon, a touch of molasses and some brown sugar. Mmmm.......

Boston Brown Bread: (not from a can!)

To make this day even more special and keeping with the "Family Fun" goal, earlier in the day the kids helped me prepare the apple pie for dessert. (I will post the recipe soon!)

The night was filled with love and laughter. Just the way we planned it!
And, it wouldn't be a real, traditional New England Saturday Night without a visit from the local tow trucker to help us out of a snow bank! What an authentic way to end the night... these "New England" winters are brutal!!


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