Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Oh, I'm trying to hop back on the saddle of my fast-paced horse today. I've got one leg up, but I'm losing momentum! I got so much accomplished yesterday, I had big dreams for today!!
Last night was a late night for us, and this morning came all too quickly! I've been doing my best to play catch-up with what I had planned on completing last night after the game.

Here's what I've been up to between doctors visits, the preschool run, and waiting for my new mattress to be delivered:
(I became a little more motivated once the delivery men walked in and said, "Oh boy does it smell delicious in here!!" They didn't want to leave!! I'm a true hostess at heart and offered them a meal for the ride, but they said they couldn't.)

Chicken, Rice, and Gravy
Cheeseburger Pasta (skillet meal in a bag) Chicken and Wild Rice Pancakes
Creamy Italian Pasta with Chicken (skillet meal in a bag)
Rigatoni with Sausage and Peppers (skillet meal in a bag)
1 Doz. Mickey Mouse Waffles

Edited to say:

Once A Month Cooking has officially come to an en and I'm exhausted. So...what are my thoughts??
Here are my totals of what's now in my freezers:
1 Doz. waffles
3 pasta skillet meals in a bag
1 tray Chicken, Rice, and Gravy
1 double tray of ziti
3 servings low fat tomato "chili"
2 trays Beef, Rice, and Gravy
Potato Casserole
1lb. Maple Glazed Chicken (in marinade)

I'll easily get at least 15 meals out of this...with leftovers for Coach's lunch!!

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