Sunday, August 23, 2009

Supper Time: August 23rd-29th

We started off this week with an "Olive Garden" themed "dinner party"...the endless pasta bowl with your choice of sauces. We were celebrating my parents 44th wedding anniversary. We've been trying for two weekends now to have a night that doesn't rain to take them to the boat club for dinner (sunshine needed for outdoor dining!!) But, just wasn't happening. We were going to go tonight, but then the skies opened up, again, this afternoon, so I put this dinner together. We were celebrating their anniversary, and my sisters children were away for the past two weeks, so we were also celebrating everyone being back together. Too bad my sister (who lives down south) couldn't be with us. We always miss her at these special meals! (She did call, though!!)
Counting down the last week of summer...the last full week before school starts. Bitter sweet. I loved having my husband home and I loved having my daughter to myself every day, but I am looking forward to getting back into a routine and more structure. I also will not miss the constant bickering between the children who tend to spend too much time together!
I will be trying some new recipes this week with vegetables from a friends garden (since our zucchini disappeared!!??). Green peppers and eggplant. Check back later in the week for Yay or Nay on the outcomes!!

Sunday: Make your own pasta bar
grilled pizza (appetizer)
Meat sauce with meatballs
Red sauce with sausage
Bread and breadsticks
veggie platter
brownies/{free} Ben and Jerry's cups

Monday: Practice/cheer. uniform handouts and football practice/films/meetings
Leftovers from last nights feast

Tuesday: quiche lorraine (east recipe to come later)
hashbrown casserole

Wednesday: steak fajitas

Thursday: eggplant parmesan

Friday: Midget Football beefsteak(Mommy & Daddy)
kids Chinese chicken w/ babysitter (whoever that may be??!!)

Saturday: Midget football Pep Rally
BBQ there

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  1. The pasta bar sounds very cool! I may have to try that idea when we have some friends over for supper. :)