Monday, August 17, 2009

Grilled Pizza

It's been so hot and humid here lately, I don't dare turn on the oven! However, our love for pizza causes me to get creative. And I've figured out a way to make one great pie...not just on hot, humid summer days, but we'll be adopting this method all year long it comes out so delicious!! Just grill it!!!

First, prepare your pizza to your liking...crust (rub a little oil over the bottom and top edges of crust), sauce, cheese, and toppings, (I use the premade shells from Sam's Club...they are so yummy!!) and turn at least 4 burners to medium heat on your grill and allow to heat up for about 10mins.

Next, using a pizza pan or other pan, slide your pizza onto the hot grill...

Allow to cook for about 15-20mins, watching, adjusting heat setting, and turning if needed to prevent burning. Allow to "bake" until cheese is cooked and brown and bubbly.

And finally, enjoy inside in the central air, since it's too hot to eat outside!!!

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  1. Your pizza looks perfectly delicious!! :)

    On the last photo, to get the cheese browned on top -- do you grill with the lid open or closed?? :)

  2. Hi! I turned down the heat and grilled a while longer with the lid closed. You have to watch closely, though, so the crust doesn't burn. But there's something about having pizza's a different taste and it's so good!!

  3. I am going to try grilling a pizza! Yours looks wonderful!! I love the crusts from Sam's, too!
    Many blessings!