Saturday, February 27, 2010

ISO...Freezer Biscuit Recipe!

Help a sistah out...
I'm "In Search Of" a great biscuit that can be frozen to add to my Freezer Cooking Plan. Kind of like a Grands biscuit. One that can be popped out and warmed in the microwave to go along with the Tomato Chili in my husband's lunchbag. And for cold school mornings with butter and honey...

I know with all y'all out there, someone's gotta have one!!??
And if you're on the search for some freezer ideas, I'm sure you'll find them at Money Saving Mom!!


  1. Here's one that works pretty well:

  2. Mary B's Tea Biscuits. They were my grandmother's favorites. They are yummy! Good luck!

  3. I'm a huge fan of Mary B's, too. Just wanted to suggest making a batter as you normally would, roll them and cut them, then freeze on cookie sheets and bag yourself. I've done that for heating later in the oven, but have never tried the microwave.