Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year to All!!

Wow....can you really believe it's 2010??!! Shouldn't we all be "driving" around in flying cars, having a robotic oven prepare our meals (think Jetsons), etc??!! Or that's what we thought 2010 would be like, way back when!!

We happened to have a super New Year's Eve last night. It wasn't looking too promising early on, with snow, a cancelled babysitter, and so on, but ended up being one of our most enjoyable. Each New Year's Eve since we've been married with children, we have never gone out. We always made a "snacky" dinner, with mini-sized foods, etc., donned our hats and tiaras, and blew a few horns. We danced with the kids, and had our own "Rockin Eve" of sorts. We were pretty much in bed by 10pm. We always had a great time.

Our New Year's Eve "venue"

This year though we were invited by two other couples to join them at a local restaurant for dinner. (One couple we knew, the other we didn't...but turns out I attended elementary school with the husband!!) We dropped the kids by my parents (with snacks, hats, and horns...oh they were thrilled to go to Nana and Papa's house by themselves!!) and had a great night!! We laughed, oh we laughed!! We shared dating stories, wedding stories, birth stories, and family stories. The food was great, and the company, even better.
We picked up our pajama-clad children, refreshed and excited for the new year, and headed home in the blizzard.

Eight years without being out for a New Year's celebration, just the two of us, was too long. This night was just what we needed! We're so thankful, and grateful, to have true, generous friends, old, and new!!

Cheers to the New Year!!

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  1. So much fun, Shannon! I'm glad it worked out for us to stay home this year all alone. The kids were so excited for our special evening. :) However, there's something to be said for a night out once every eight years or so, huh?!