Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Day...What are your plans?

Valentine's Day is just one week away! And, since it lands on a Saturday, Family Fun Night, we'll all be celebrating together... at least for half of the evening. The kids will help with decorations (placemats) for our "Valentine Bistro" (our dining room) which I'll decorate with red and white Christmas lights. We'll be preparing a heart-shaped pizza that the kids will enjoy, and my husband and I will have a slice (as an "appetizer"). For our meal I'm going to try to make a restaurant quality dish. I'll be preparing a new recipe, Bruschetta and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts with roasted potatoes and green beans, and Molten Chocolate cakes for dessert. (wish me luck...I've never tried these!!) After a special dessert for the kids, we'll get them into bed, warm up our meal, and have a nice dinner in front of the fireplace- just the two of us. I'll set the table with our china (which we never use!) and our crystal stemware. (Hopefully we'll forget we're in the family room and think we're in a romantic, rustic lodge...maybe in Vermont??!!)
This is a good, budget-conscious compromise as opposed to getting a sitter, going out ourselves and "eating away" a ton of money as I phrase it, then even more on a sitter, when we can all celebrate and share our love together. We'll spend approx $6 on the evening, and I can have a glass of wine that doesn't cost me the cost of the whole bottle! It's looking good as I'm envisioning it, and sounding great on paper, let's just hope it all works out in the end!!

What do you do? Share your plans for your Valentine's Day with your sweetheart!
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  1. We're going to celebrate all week, I believe. ;-) Today we're making play doh in Valentine colors. We also need to make my daughters Valentines to hand out to her class on Friday.

    Saturday we'll celebrate with special food... at home. ;-) Going to recreate Alice Springs Chicken from the Outback Steakhouse!

  2. Mmmm...We love the Outback!! I hope you'll post the recipe!

  3. What a wonderful sounding dinner! I think I will complete our dinner with china, too. I rarely bring it out, but it will definitely make dinner special. :D

  4. Ooh, the chicken sounds delicious! What a fun, romantic, frugal way to spend Valentine's. I love it! We'll be dining on Chicken Marsala and berries with cream around here. My wine will have to non-alcoholic this year (pregnant with #3), but it will be wonderful nonetheless! I think your plan sounds fabulous!

  5. The men in our circle of friends are all becoming co-chefs for the ladies. I have heard rumors of fried turkey...who knows!? I will just show up and be pleasantly surprised.

  6. Oh, I would love for my husband to cook for ME!! Even if it is fried turkey...I didn't marry a fireman so I'd be nervous if he was preparing that!! Enjoy it!! Sounds like fun!