Sunday, February 8, 2009

Supper Time...Feb. 8-14th, 2009

*Meals are subj. to change w/o notice due to unforeseen circumstances, change of plans, migraines or meltdowns!!

Note: try to use free-range organic or all-natural chicken and beef, and organic fruits and vegetables when possible...and always try to use organic dairy!!

Sunday: Dinner at Friendly's
My daughter earned a wonderful report card (her first) from kindergarten and in reward was able to choose where she wanted to go for dinner one night. She chose Friendly's!

Monday: Cheeseburger Pasta
Green beans
French Bread

Tuesday: Chicken and Stuffing Skillet
Fruit Salad

Wednesday: Beef Porcupine Balls
Green beans

Thursday: Chinese takeout (quick and pictures, practice, & Senior (ball players...not citizens!) night at Daddy's game)
Chicken and Broccoli

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner
Sausage/Bacon/Taylor Ham
Hashbrown casserole (I halve this recipe)

Saturday: Valentine's Day Family Fun
Go here to see our menu plans

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  1. Great menu; your making some of our favorites. I also love the disclaimer at the beginning of your menu. I need to put something like that on mine!