Saturday, January 17, 2009

Values in our home...An Update

Parenting is too important to leave to chance and too important to be approached defensively or by reaction...
Since starting our reward system last week things have gone a bit smoother and our children are quite enthusiastic about the changes! I'm proud to say our three year old son has 5 gold coins and our six year old daughter has 7 gold coins! (our son succumbed to a few meltdowns, and consequently lost a few coins in the process) He'll get the hang of it!!

I also wanted to share some great resources out there on how to help with teaching values and responsibilities in your home I like to check out is This month's discussion is teaching loyalty and dependability, with tips for preschoolers, school age, and adolescents! They also have monthly parenting tips. I'm not a member, but they offer several free activites and resources, so check them out!

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