Saturday, January 10, 2009

Values in our home

For awhile now my husband and I have been thinking of and trying to develop a behavioral and responsibility system that works. Our six year old is ready for, or actually needs, responsibility. We want to teach our three year old early on how to be responsible, and he is actually better at following through with chores than his older sister. He likes helping. Kids need a purpose.
Which brings us to the Spiritual Treasure Reward System. This is very much like the Marble Reward system I used while teaching, and it's still used in many classrooms because it works. Each child will have a chart with a list of certain responsibilities. If those responsibilites are met, they will earn a "coin" in their jar. (which I printed on cardstock) The same for behavior. If they fail to fulfill their chores or don't behave or follow the family/house rules, they will lose a coin. As a motivation there will be a list of rewards to choose from at the end of the week, along with a little "store" by using their earned coins. Included is: a movie of choice with popcorn and hot chocolate, a Mc. D's happy meal, a night at the movie theater, bowling, etc., and from the "store": stickers, crayons, Barbie doll, superheroes, etc...
The kids are excited and so are we! Ready to start in the morning!

Two lonely jars awaiting golden coins...

What works for your family?

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