Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family Fun Night...A Change of Plans

Our initial plan for tonight's Family Fun Night was to have a "country picnic" with family. Well, as we all know in busy families, plans change. We really haven't been "out" for a while, and with all of the snow we've been having and another storm in the forecast for tomorrow, the natives are getting restless and suffering a little from "cabin fever". So...CountryMama and CountryDaddy had a plan: To go to Build-A-Bear (didn't take much encouragement after receiving this coupon) to use the gift cards they got for Christmas, then to McDonald's for dinner (since a happy meal was one of the rewards that the gold coins were cashed in for this week). And, on a more practical side, we needed vacuum cleaner bags at Sears and I had Gymbucks to use, so we headed to the mall. We had a blast! We never go to Build-A-Bear, unless they have a gift card which they usually get for a birthday or Christmas. What a wonderful gift. Thank you "cousins"...they really enjoyed it!
This Family Fun night will be tough to beat!!
"Kelly" the bunny outfitted in Camp Rock attire, and "Buster" the Black Lab

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