Monday, January 12, 2009

A Quick Shopping trip...

I ran home from grocery shopping with a few things melting in the van...the ice-cream and my three year old (for him, it was actually a melt-down!!) So I was unable to snap a picture before putting everything away...but here's the run-down of what I got this week:

Keep in mind the hamburger meat and chicken I stockpiled last week...
6 organic half-gallon milks: $21
2 Ben & Jerry's : $1.98. ($3.99each, 2/$3 coupons)
2 Juicy Juice Apple Juice bottles: $1.98 ($1.99 each, 2/$1 coupons)
4 Ronzoni wheat pastas: $2.16
Activia yogurt 4pk: $1, ($2each, $1 coupon)
Kids organic yogurt $1.79 ($2.79each, .50c coupon doubled)
Lysol wipes: .49cents ($1.49, $1coupon)
Lysol spray $1.49 ($2.49, $1coupon)
Box of clementines: $3.99
2 boxes Cheese Nips: $1.38
Perdue Dino Nuggets: .99cents ($1.99, $1coupon)
3 Kids Iron fortified bread: $5 (3/$5special)
1pk organic beef hotdogs: $4.29
Organic OJ: $2.50
Bag organic carrots: $1.99
Bag organic apples" $2.99

This replenishes items that we needed: snacks, juices, bread, and quick fill-in meal options (nuggets and hotdogs). Not to mention the Lysol items...stomach virus is on the rise here in our elementary school. This is the ONLY conventional (non-organic) cleaning agent I use. There is nothing better for the stomach virus bacteria, and that's the only time it's used in our house!! The rest of the weeks meal items were already in our stockpile.

Total this week: $55.02

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