Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A weekly shopping trip...And time to stockpile the freezer!

I was conflicted as to whether or not to post pictures and particulars about shopping trips on my blog. I certainly don't want to bore anyone! But then I thought about how fascinated I was to see some on other blogs from other parts of the country, like Kansas City, SanDiego, etc, and see the differences in prices of things (and how much further or much less a dollar goes elsewhere)! We don't have an Aldi, Kroger, or a Meijer here (actually had never heard of them until I read about them on blogs!! I was floored to see how much was bought with just $40! I even suggested to my husband we move! BTW...he didn't even entertain the thought!!) Just high priced, retail grocery stores of the northeast!!

So, here goes:
I went to CVS, SuperWalmart, Sams Club, and the grocery store.
CVS: $9.36, received back $9.98 ECB's
2 paper towels: $2.68 (buy one CVS item get one 50% off)
wipes (can't remember price!!)
2 childrens sore throat pops : $4.99 BOGO coupon, get $4.99 ECB on each
2 boxes freezer bags: can't remem. price, but CVS item so sale applies
2 spices CVS sale applies
(Used $3 off CVS item coupon and some ECB's)

(5) 1/2 gal. organic milks: $16.40 (cheapest at Sams Club. We usually buy 6, one being whole milk for my son, but they didn't have any this trip)
Juice boxes: .98cents ($1.98 w/ $1 coupon)
Kids Iron enriched bread: $1.78
Half gal. conventional whole milk: $2.18
2 yogurt 6 packs: $3.56 (had $1 off 2 coupon)
Bagged salad: $1.75
4 boxes Macaroni Grill Dinners: $9.32 (we use these when entertaining family, or when bringing a meal to someone.) Two are already accounted for for that purpose. (I had 2/$1 and 2/$1.10 coupons)
3 packs of 4 Rubbermaid storage containers : $3.75 Totally not a necessity! (these were $1.25 each because they had a fall colored lid!! DH uses these for leftovers, but does NOT microwave in them, and we use them for puzzle storage boxes and crayons! I might go back and get more!!)
2 EnviroKids cereals: $5.98
2 Totinos Pizza Rolls: Free. 10/$10 (2/$1 coupons!!) These make a great snack to have on hand for drop-in guests! It makes entertaining so often more affordable!

(Another shopping trip not pictured:)
1 bag organic potatoes: $3.99
Bag black organic grapes :$4.29
2 bags organic apples: $7.98
1 bag organic baby carrots: $1.49
big bag of clementines: $3.99
bananas: $1.19
Now...onto the meats!!
I scored some GREAT deals on meats these past two days. All natural ground beef for $1.49lb and all-natural free range boneless chicken breasts for $1.79lb. These are at a local deli that gets all produce/meats from local farms.
7.7 lbs all-natural ground beef $11.04

So...I got 7.62lbs of chicken and 7.7lbs of ground beef! I take the chicken and put the packages in the freezer for about two hours so they get a little firmer, then take them out, slice each breast in at least half (most of them I could go into thirds they were so thick!) so to make thinly sliced breasts (the way we like them) clean them, then package in freezer bags. Thats how you to stretch your dollar! The ground beef came in huge packages, so I just divide the packages into 1 lb freezer bags and freeze. I have at least two weeks worth of meat for $24.67!

7.62lbs all-natural free range boneless chicken breasts $13.63

I have a huge stockpile of frozen veggies, so that's why they were not on the list. Goes to show how having a stockpile (when deals are so great) really helps the budget!!

Total: $102.64 (if you want to figure each weeks meat costs, then it's $90.31 for this week!) Not bad for organic, all-natural, healthy foods, a few extras, and stockpiling the freezer for at least a few weeks with meats! And I have $9.98 in ECB's for next trip!!

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  1. You did excellent! If you've got SuperWalmart and CVS, you'll be fine. I don't have SuperWalmart and I miss it for those lazy weeks when I don't want to go everywhere.

    If I can do it in So Cal, I'm sure you can do it there. Don't I live in the most expensive place on Earth? Everyone's always told me so. ;)

    Again, good job!