Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crockpot Beef Tips (Under $5)

Tonight I changed it up a bit...due to time constraints and a special request from DH. I added in 1/2 bag of organic mixed veggies instead of baby carrots and potatoes and served over white rice. What a delicious, hearty meal!

I also made my butter roll recipe into a loaf of bread. I just followed the dough directions, substituting in 1 cup of white whole-wheat flour. Instead of placing in muffin tin, I greased a bread pan to make a loaf. It was so good!

This recipe constitutes as a "frugal" recipe. You can make this dinner for under $5. See below for the breakdown.

Crockpot beef tips:

1 1/2-2lbs. beef tips or beef stew cubes cut to one inch chunks
1/2 pkg. of onion soup mix (or whole packet if you like...DH not huge fan of onion)
1 c. water
beef bouillon cube

Place beef tips in crockpot. Pour in 1C. water, drop in bouillon cube, then sprinkle onion soup mix over beef tips. Add in baby carrots or cut up carrots and peeled cubed potatoes if you'd like. If you prefer, you can brown beef in 1T. oil in frying pan before placing in crockpot. I set on high for 3-4hrs. or low 8-10hrs..
When done, you can remove beef and veggies from crock and whisk in 1-2T. in juice in crockpot to make a thicker gravy or just keep juices as is.
Serve over white rice or serve with veggies as the whole meal.

My cost breakdown:

beef tips 1.06lbs: $2.62
1/2 pkg onion soup mix: .25cents
rice: .45cents
1/2 bag Steamers veggies: .50cents or free
(froz. Vall. Fresh Steamers often go on sale for $1.00, and there's almost always a 50cent or $1 off coupon making them free or close to free...which goes without saying...use coupons!)

Total cost: $3.32 or $3.82

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