Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cozy Family Fun Nights!

The Cozy family has a New Years Resolution...and we started it tonight! One of our family resolutions, aside from being more attune to using our indoor voices, is to put aside Saturday nights for Family Fun nights! With my husband home more now (switched school districts and went from an hour and a half commute down to 10 minutes) this is certainly something we are all looking forward to! Even during football and basketball seasons he will be home early enough to take part in the activities!! On these nights we plan to make a meal together (a dish we can all participate in preparing), then games, a special movie rental and popcorn, a craft, or some special activity we can all do. We'll have more options come nicer weather!

To kick off our first Cozy Family Fun night tonight, we made homemade pizza. We bought dough from our favorite pizza place for $2.50 (did you know you can buy your favorite pizza shoppes dough??!!) I used to make my own with my bread machine, but found with the rise in the cost of flour, etc, it was more cost effective to just pick some up, and my family enjoyed the meal more, too!! After supper, we enjoyed games of Tigger and Pooh matches, Crazy Eights, and Cootie! Fun was had by all!

We're looking forward to next weeks night, already thinking of what meal we can plan! Any ideas? Do any of you have these fun nights?

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