Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meal planning...a tutorial

One of the features of this blog is cooking and baking, along with sharing recipes and menu ideas (and the most cost effective ways of making those meals). The easiest way to do this is meal planning. I have been a follower of The Centsible Sawyer, a great blog where they share money saving tips, coupon links, etc. She has a great tutorial on meal planning. Check it out, it's a great place to start!
Every Sunday, God-willing, I will be posting our meal plan for the week, along with recipes and pictures (when possible) and I invite you to do the same! We're always looking for new recipes to change-up the mix, so we're not always serving the same old boring meals! And, if you have food allergies in your family and you have special things that you make, please share! Nowadays we all either have someone in the family with special dietary needs or know someone that does!

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