Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Lower Your Bills

Coach has three players that now play for the NFL, so he needs to watch them each week. He also has players that play all around the country, so he needs to watch them, too. Direct TV is the only place we can tune in to Minnesota, Miami, Chicago, California, Texas, Michigan, and so on, to watch his boys. For us, satellite is a necessity. But our Direct TV bill just kept creeping up and up... and on a measly coaching salary, it's getting harder and harder to write that check.

We recently got an invitation in the mail for the DISH satellite network, which was much cheaper than what we are paying for DirectTV. I called the DISH, and got the scoop. They had 90% of what we were already getting, minus the NFL Sunday ticket, but they had something like it, so we could still see most of the games. Since I was a DirecTV customer for 6 years already, I thought I'd give them a call and give them a chance to keep us as customers.

When I called, the representative already knew of the DISH package I was thinking about and the prices. They matched the DISH's current promotion, drastically lowering our bill for the next 12 months, then $17 a month after that ($17 off what we currently pay now). On top of that, we received a credit of a rather large amount! (covering our bill for the next three months!) Guess they didn't want to lose a customer!!

Call your current providers...cell phone, cable/satellite, or other negotiable utilities... See if there's any wiggle room in your current package. Companies would rather lower your payments than lose your business altogether!


  1. Ooooh I'm going to have to try that. We were just talking about nixing cable (but its right before hockey and football season!) or losing our home phone (but my job kinda needs it) or changing cell phone providers. . . . looks like I will just start makinga few calls!!

  2. Hi Shannon!! Had so much fun working with you at the county fair!! Wish we would get together-YOUR BLOG IS GREAT!!! Please ask your sis for our phone # and hopefully we can get together soon! Happy Back-to-school and hope you have a terrific football season!

  3. Great hint! I've noticed that our Satellite bill keeps inching up every month as well!