Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yes. I'm still alive. Today it is absolutely raining buckets, so I. am. in. Not going anywhere. Actually, I fibbed. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. But the past few weeks I have been running non-stop.

I have reported to my once-a-year job (outside my home) at our county fair. Thrown a surprise 45th Anniversary party for my parents. Had my sister's three children with us while she went to Hawaii. (Yeah...I know.) Oh, how I do not look forward to teenage years. Started coaching my daughter's cheerleading team. Uniform fittings. Practices. Scrimmages. Back to school shopping. Physicals. Pep-Rallies... You get the picture.

Did I mention it's the beginning of the busiest time for us? Full-blown Football season. Triples, 7-on-7's, scrimmages. Friday Night Lights! Bring it on!

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  1. Sound like a great time to me. This is our first year we do not get to watch my son play football. He is off at college and chose not to play. It's hard he has played some kind of football since he was in first grade. My oldest has danced for years and even in college was on the dance team and this year she said it is just to much I need to focus on college. Even though she makes straight A's. I will miss it all so. We just have one now playing volleyball and basketball. I am glad we have that. Enjoy those busy times. It comes to an end to quickly.