Thursday, July 1, 2010

Great American Backyard Campout

Last weekend Coach was away at the state university with his team for basketball camp. They always go the same weekend as The Great American Backyard Campout, and the kids are always disappointed that Daddy can't join in the festivities I try to plan.
However, disappointed tears always turn to excitement and awesomeness when I mention my single girlfriend's name... (My daughter says "that girl is so awesome!") They love when EM makes a visit, and it's usually the same weekend every year. Last year we had to settle with a dinner at Friendly's and half-baked smores in the oven due to loss of power from horrendous thunderstorms, but this year we went all out!

We planned true campers fare:
Hobo Burgers
Cheesy Potato Packets
Grilled corn-on-the-cob
Jiffy Pop

and of course, S'mores!!

Top it off with the showing of an outdoor movie and camping out in the tent.

No know our history!! Not outside with this visitor coming through our picnic (which, I love ya EM, but high-tailing it in the house in front of the children....c'mon!??!!)

There's no picture-perfect postcard camping going on in our cozy neck of the woods... We pitch our tents in our family room! This campsite includes A/C!!

Spending a "girls weekend" along with my kids is as about as much fun as EM's Cha Cha Vera... I just love it!!

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