Friday, April 16, 2010

Finer Things Friday: Helping Others

Yesterday I pulled into the gas station to fill my tires and found a little old man at the air filling station. A farmer, no doubt, probably one of the last original ones in our little tiny-town. Wearing what may be an original pair of Dickies navy blue work pants and matching shirt and thick suspenders, he was struggling to read the directions to fill his farm truck filled with hay. I hopped out and quickly asked if he needed some help. He wasn't sure and explained he had just been across the street to the other filling station where they "robbed him of fifty cents". He explained that the air was blowing all around and he couldn't get it to work, and no one would help him. His tires looked like they hadn't been filled in years. So, I showed him where to find his poundage for the pressure (inside the drivers side door) and programmed the machine. We filled them up, and good thing... they were at 15 pounds!
When we were finished with both his truck and my van, he said "Young lady...I'm 80-sumpin' years old, and it has to be over twenty years since someone offered to help me. Thank you."

You're welcome! And if it's been over twenty years, then something is seriously wrong with this world.
Help each other out...nothing can be Finer!!


  1. how great of you to be so kind you were placed in the right place at the right time and you made the decision to do the right thing good for you

  2. Good job for slowing down long enough to help out the older gentleman. Our culture is moving at such a fast pace that most people don't even notice a person in need of a little help. God bless you for taking the time to care!