Friday, March 12, 2010

Finer Things Friday: Prom Dress Shopping!

It's that time again!! Prom!! I loved prom!! I love it so much, I ended up going to about 6 of them... My own, then other schools with guy friends of mine. There's just something about prom. The dress, the dancing, the midnight breakfasts afterward, then going to the shore that weekend. Those were the days! (I wish they had a prom for husbands & wives! My husband chaperone's his High School's prom, but I'm not allowed to go! Believe me, I asked, and begged!!) Oh well, guess I have to wait for the Senior (as in Senior Citizens) Prom when I grow up!!

My niece (she is 5'9"...tall, thin, and beautiful!!) is valiantly shopping for her dress, and has asked me to come along for my fashionista opinion!! Oh, I feel valued!!
Here are the final contenders:

My favorite...looks absolutely stunning on!!

This one...
And this one...only in red

Updated to say: And the winner is... Dress #1 (my fave) in the green (the color of dress #2). Turns out that was her favorite color, and she is wearing the dress... The dress will be in next week! What fun we had!! It was such a difficult process though. Best of luck to my sister when it comes times for Bridal gowns!!

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  1. Wow! Those are gorgeous! I love prom dresses! So fun!

  2. How fun! I actually DO get to go to prom every year and have NO IDEA what I'll wear this year with the little "bump" I'll be sporting. :)