Monday, March 1, 2010

Beef, Rice, and Gravy

2lbs. ground beef, seasoned and browned
2C. white rice
2C. brown rice
beef or brown gravy...enough for two trays (amount to your liking)
Prepare rice to package ingredients. (I like to mix brown and white together to give it a little different flavor, and brown rice is so much better for you!) Allow to cool. Line bottom of trays with rice.
Sprinkle each tray with 1lb. of ground beef each.

Top with gravy. (We like quite a bit, so I make one big batch of low sodium beef gravy...if needed after thawing and baking, you can always add more.)

Label and prepare to freeze.
Thaw and bake at 375° for about 20-30mins, until cooked through.
Note: after thawing you can top with canned biscuits to make this into a biscuit topped casserole .

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  1. Love your idea about the Swapping Meals! I read your comment on Finer Things. Totally makes sense. Might get my friends together and do that!