Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Another birthday. Ugh. Well, it beat's the alternative, least I'm vertical! (as my husband always jokes!) Today has been one of the best birthdays in a long time... everyone's healthy (aside from my becoming deaf in one ear). I'll take that any day rather than events of birthday's in the past. God knew I could not handle another one like that!
Here's what I woke up to this morning... Snow Day!! My whole family is home with me today!!! I am a snow lover, so this is the greatest gift!! We're in for up to two feet here in the Northeast!! WOO HOO!!

Updated 2/26/10: Day two of our snow days! Everyone is home bound again! Loving every minute of it...playing games, baking, crafts (all in between power outages)... though since we've now gotten 3 feet of snow, it's actually too high to walk in, so we haven't been out much, except for the patio area that my husband keeps shoveling. The snowdrifts are 4ft+! Thank goodness for snowplow service!!