Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yes...I'm still alive. I have been Missing-In-Action for three weeks now. In those three weeks I have hosted two fourth birthday parties (one involving 13 little boys), helped my sister endure her youngest's emergency surgery, run a preschool Thanksgiving Feast, made two Thanksgiving costumes, attended Thanksgiving dinner with each family (thank goodness I didn't host this year!), attended Black Friday festivities, as-well-as hopped online at 4 am for the best deals, made two dozen cinnamon rolls with hot chocolate and organized a craft for 13 first graders in honor of my daughter being Star of the Week, helped my husband organize an Alumni Basketball game for the day after Thanksgiving and ran the snack bar. (Yes...the day after Thanksgiving marked the opening of basketball season here, and my husband is the head coach...) Oh, and visitied with my sister who I rarely get to see who was in from Italy for all of 13 hours!!! Did I also mention I'm hosting a Pajama Party for 8 little girls here next week celebrating my daughters 7th birthday, and then the next night having 52 people for a holiday open house??
Yes...I've been missing around here, but hopefully not for much longer. I have so many things to share...ideas, recipes, decorations, and this-and-that's. I hope to see you back here soon!
'Tis the Season...I guess!

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