Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our first Noreaster!!

Here was the view outside my kitchen door yesterday morning. My son ran to the window and yelled excitedly, "It's winter!!!" I said, "yes, buddy, it is winter." Oh, Wait a's October 15!!!! We still have two months and six days left of fall, and here we are in the middle of our first Noreastern snow of the season! I just love when it snows. I love everything about it. We have four-wheel drive vehicles, so I don't even mind driving in it!! A low of 26 ° and it snowed all. night. long.
So, call me crazy, but our snowstorm, for me at least, was a Finer Thing!!

Edited to say: Husband had a game the next day...sitting on the bleachers in the middle of "blizzard like" snow... Finer Thing?? Not so much!!


  1. All the snow needs are wintery decorations and twinkling lights! I love snow as well, though I am not thrilled about driving in it - we live in the mountains and don't have 4 wheel drive!

  2. Hehe -- from the warm inside = Finer Thing

    from the football field = notsomuch!