Thursday, September 3, 2009

Farm Country...Living the "Simple Life"

You'd think that with living out here in "farm country" and all we'd have unlimited, direct access to all the farms out here and their livestock, dairy, and produce. Well, unfortunately, that wasn't always the case. Yes we do have farmstands along the side of the road, many of them in fact. But most carry just produce, and whether or not they're organic is really hit-or-miss. One of our favorite farm stands is where we get our beef, chicken, and a lot of our produce, but it's also 20 minutes from here, each way. (I do make my shopping trip coincide with a visit to my parents, since they live right up the road from there...).

Until now. A year round farmers market just opened up less than a mile from our home! Farmers from all over come each Saturday and set up their all-natural, grass fed beef, chicken, and eggs, all natural bakery items, and occasionally they offer some organic produce! The Grand Opening was front page news here, around our tiny little town. (And my two country kids, cowboy boots and all, enjoyed the country girl's music!)

Knowing your farmer. Knowing where your food comes from. Buying local. Supporting our local agriculture. Can't get any finer than that!!


  1. I love the Farmer's Market! That is awesome you have one so close now!

  2. Oh, how I wish we had something like that! My plan is just to buy beef in bulk at our farmer's market at the end of the month before they close until next July. I don't have enough freezer space to buy all we will need, but I will get what I can.

  3. Oh, how awesome! We travel 16 miles one way to get our milk and eggs every 10 days or so. Would LOVE to have a local farmer's market.