Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Night out with Mom

The "Go Green" lady enjoying her night out!!

Twice in one week??!! I don't get out with the girls for over a year, and I've gone out twice in one week!! Last weekend I met my girlfriends for a "Girls Night Out", and then my mother invited me to "Ladies Night Out" with her and her friends. Some of them may be over twice my age, but nonetheless, I had a wonderful time. My mother-in-law was gracious enough to come to watch the children until my husband got home from football practice in order for me to go. (They got to have a night out too...first, grandma was up for a visit, then when daddy got home, they went for supper at Friendly's...their favorite spot!!)

"Ladies Night Out" in the village

One of the local villages closed their streets and hosted a "Ladies Night Out" and all of the quaint little shops opened their doors. Each store offered hot and cold hors d' oeuvres, wine, sangria, champagne and cheeses. The restaurants had special menus and charming outdoor dining with live music. The stores were right up my alley...antiques, country/primitive shops, classic, old-fashioned toy shops, home decorating boutiques, and Vera Bradley boutiques. {sigh}...I was in heaven. The weather was hot, humid, and balmy, but the atmosphere was oh so wonderful! Live bands playing on the green, street singers playing their guitars, and refreshments and free gifts at the little shops. I didn't buy anything, but just being out for the night with my mother was priceless!! A night with my mother...what could be finer??!!

A sampling of the hors d' oeuvres

A sampling of the wines, fruit, nuts...

some outdoor dining...

Barn (or actually mill) picking in the village...I love "barn picking". So many vintage, unique things!

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