Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harvest Time...Well, almost!

I just had to snap a picture of our view this morning. Isn't God good?
"You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance" (Psalm 65:11).

One of our peach trees has been looking so, well, "peachy" lately. I check just about every other day to see if it's ready for picking, but they haven't been "just right" yet. Peaches that are ripe for the picking are softer to the touch (but not squishy), peachy scented, and easily picked off the tree. One of the trees...no where near ready. The other...a beautiful peach color, but still a little firm and difficult to pull off the branches. With all of the rain and cooler weather earlier in the summer, I think they need another week or two.

Well, this morning I found that one of the branches was broken...from one of the daily bear visitors, no doubt. So I had to pick at least this branch before they went rotten.

While not "ripe" for eating whole right now, I'll throw some in a paper bag to soften them up a bit and make preserves and peach butter out of the rest. Round 1 in the peach harvesting scramble. (This is just from one branch...about 60 peaches!!)

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  1. Wow - fantastic! Our peach season has already come and gone here - it's always too short! In our heat, they ripen and fall in 2 days... ! But that peach jam is OH SO worth it! :)

  2. Gorgeous view and abundance! :)