Monday, August 10, 2009

Blueberry Jam

Well...I did it. I finally did what I've been talking about for a great, long while! I made blueberry jam. Yes, a small feat, I know, but for me, a giant leap for my kind. I've had the jars for over a year...and the recipes to go along with them. I took the plunge tonight, because I couldn't see two pints of organic blueberries go to waste. We've been snacking on blueberries all summer long, and I think my six year old was growing bored of blueberries in just about everything (they're so good for you, you know!!)...fruit salad, cereal, yogurt. Heck, I'd probably sneak them on her pizza if I could...Hmmm...fruit there's an idea. I digress...
I set my mind to it and decided to halve a recipe. Boy am I glad I did!! What was I waiting for? We have peach trees and I make an abundance of peach preserves each harvest without a second thought...but the peaches I don't have to pay for. Nothing lost if it's a flop. (I think I was afraid to waste all that sugar and pectin, and did I mention the price of organic blueberries??!! if it didn't come out just right. But, sometimes we just have to live on the edge, take a risk!!)

My favorite jam is Stonewall Kitchen's Wild Maine Blueberry Jam...actually, Stonewall Kitchen anything, for that's my all-time favorite store. And this recipe is so close, I'd have thought I was there in York, ME, sampling it myself, if I didn't know better!!

Cozy Country Kitchen Blueberry Jam
(This is a small batch recipe...Just double it if you need)

2 pints blueberries, rinsed and drained
2 1/4C. sugar
1T. lemon juice
1/2 pouch liquid pectin

Process blueberries in a food processor.

Transfer to a pot and add in 1T. lemon juice. Stir continuously.

Add in liquid fruit pectin. Continue stirring and bring to a boil.

Add in sugar, stirring continuously so sugar dissolves.

Bring to a hard boil for one minute.

Remove from heat.

Use a funnel and ladle hot jam into sterilized jars.

I didn't immerse mine in a water bath, because I made such a small batch, and it'll probably be gone in a week or two. I just inverted the hot jars and set overnight to make a seal. But, if you're making this recipe for preserving or gifting (which I will certainly do before the summer's over for holiday gifting!!), set these in a water bath for 10-12mins.

Recipe linked to: Tempt My Tummy Tuesday


  1. Wow. That is awesome! I bet it is wonderful!

  2. Love jam, this looks delicious !

  3. My sister just gave me some of this but I need to learn to make it myself!

  4. I have a bag of blueberries in the fridge right now- if they aren't gone soon, I'll have to try this. If not, I still love the inversion tip. Thanks!

  5. I love to make jellies & jams & of course they all laugh & say ya know ya can buy it at the store lol I have a freezer full of peaches waiting to be turned into jelly lol