Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (Part Deux)

...How is my garden growing??!!

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with these plants? Are they supposed to look like this? I have cucumber and zucchini in this contraption, and I see so many blooms...bloomin' new ones all day long...but no fruit!! Are the leaves/blooms supposed to be this yellow??

On the other tomatoes are coming along nicely! Even if I only have two growing!!


  1. If that is squash then that it how is supposed to look! As it grows it will develop into a squash..promise :) Thanks for participating in How Does Your Garden Grow. Your blog theme is adorable!

  2. That looks like a healthy squash plant to me! The bloom will turn into a squash soon. Thanks for participating1

  3. Did your squash ever come out? If you plant a squash and a cucumber too close, you may have a bee cross pollinate and get a squash-cumber! Love your bear stories! Got here from LifeAsAMom and loved reading about the bear!!!

  4. squash here. Nothing, Nada, zip, zilch! Nothing but about 5 tomatoes! I'm a country girl, but I can never claim I'm a farmer!! Hee..hee!!
    Oh, and let's see if the bears make their appearances come Spring! I'm hoping they moved to a new homestead!!