Monday, July 13, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday...Alfresco Dining

I've always read various bloggers tips for Kitchen Tip Tuesdays, but never participated. But since I'm taking a hiatus from Menu Planning, I thought this would be a great way to still dabble in one of my kitchen and cooking.

We absolutely love being outside. We live on a hill and have a great view all the way across our "Tiny Town". So this summer since my husband is home, we have really enjoyed dining alfresco (outside)! The kids can hop out of the pool, grab a bite to eat, then head back to their fun and my husband and I can enjoy eating together, and watching them. Here in the northeast we've been having an abnormally mild, cooler summer thus far, but I still don't like heating up in the kitchen by having to put the oven on, even if we do have A/C!! So I've been planning light summer meals and grilling, usually having one larger meal per it either lunch or dinner.

Some summer meals we like to prepare:
*Pastas tossed with butter and some parmesan cheese with some broccoli thrown in, or a light alfredo or pink vodka sauce, with grilled chicken and a salad...
*Amy's Desperation Dinner (made Desperation Lunch actually) out on the grill on the side burner...
*Grilled chicken BLT's...
*Grilled steak salad (great with leftover steak from a previous BBQ)
What are some "cool prep" meals you like to serve...keeping you out of a warm kitchen??
So that's my kitchen tip of the day...check out others at Kitchen Tip Tuesday

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  1. I've started making tin foil packet dinners and throwing them on the grill! It's really simple and doesn't heat up the house!