Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Fun...

Anyone remember this??!!
It's the Snoopy Snowcone Machine, and when I was a little girl I wanted one so badly it hurt! Well, I never got one (obviously never forgot about it either!), but my next door neighbor Jennifer had one so I joined her to make snowcones. While in WalMart the other day I found the next best thing...Mr. Snowman. The same idea as the Snoopy Snowcone Machine, a hand powered snowcone maker. I just had to get it.

So now, in the heat of the summer, I pull out Mr. Snowman (an initial $10.97 expense) and a few bottles of flavoring syrup (already on clearance for $1.50 each) and some ice!! My arms get a little workout (b/c kids get tired of it taking so long to crank it themselves), and they get a cheap treat...not to mention the memories of making their own snowcones! (Hey...after all these years, I didn't forget!!)

Frugal Summer Fun...A Finer Thing!!

Make it an even more frugal investment: Find a snowcone machine at a yard sale or thrift shop!


  1. I LOVED Snoopy Snowcone!! What fun :)

  2. Totally looks like something a few of my friends had that mom would never purchase for us, LOL. The was so anti-clutter!

    How fun!