Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday- Sheet Cakes

Thanks to fellow coaches wife Amy (I'm on the east coast...she's out in Kansas!), I was able to make a quick dessert to help out my husband for his football team's SuperStar Day (when the players compete against one another in lifting, speed, long-jump, etc.) He knew he wanted to do something special when announcing the stats/winners, but in our tiny towns, money is tight!(well, where isn't it tight right now??!!) We needed to feed 50+ players plus the coaching staff, so I made sheet cakes! How did I not know about making my own sheet cakes??!! I made a chocolate with chocolate frosting, and a yellow butter with chocolate icing, and another round with vanilla icing. I used this recipe for the chocolate, and I used two boxed mixes for the butter recipe. I used 3/4 of the mix for the sheet cake, then the rest for a round, since I didn't want the sheet cake to overflow.
I'm fixing to pick up my kindergartner and run these up to the high school now.
Not paying the premium for a storebought one (which the teams always do when one is needed- until now!!) Works for the Wildcats!!!

(PS... the picture on the round cake is supposed to be a paw print. Didn't come out so great... but do you think they'll care??!!)

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