Friday, April 24, 2009

Finer Things Friday- Mocha Iced Coffee

Aside from the 75° weather we're having right now another Finer Thing is homemade Mocha Iced Coffee's. Now, as I've said before, I'm a coffee girl...I run on Dunkin! However, I run from the price they charge for an iced coffee!! I pay $1.20 more for a small iced coffee than I do for a medium hot coffee...for what, the ice?? Come on Dunkin...
Well, this has caused me to get creative for my caffeine fix in the warm weather. First, before you start your homemade iced coffee endeavors, fill an ice tray with leftover coffee from your coffee pot. This will keep your drink from being watered down with regular ice.
For an iced mocha: mix one hot chocolate packet or 3T. hot cocoa mix into one cup hot coffee. Add milk or cream as desired, add coffee cubes, mix, and top with whipped cream (from the can). If you want fanciness, add a few sprinkles of powdered chocolate milk mix or cocoa powder, or drizzle chocolate syrup over top.
To make a caramel iced coffee: Brew a pot of coffee and add in 1/4C. caramel sauce. Mix, add coffee cubes, cream, and whipped cream (if desired).
You can be creative with all different types/flavors of iced coffees, and you don't have to pay the outrageous premiums for the delicious treats!! These will certainly be served at some morning playdates come summer (for the visiting Moms I mean...) We tend to have playdates earlier in the day before lunch in the summer due to the heat and humidity.


  1. Oh, geez. Way to go Shannon. I don't do coffee at all, but I love iced mocha! May have to get myself a coffee pot. ;-)

  2. So creative... and sounds so tasty! Especially the caramel part! :)

  3. Yumm-a-licious! I love iced coffee as well (an iced caramel mocha is my fave!) but I hate the price tag. Great tips! Any way we can make these babies healthy?! :)