Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Bear Encounter...

A 400lb. black bear... in my dining room.
My husband, my daughter and I were downstairs in the basement watching TV (ironically it was an episode about Extreme Alaskan bears) and we heard a crash upstairs. I thought something had fallen, so I quickly ran up (my three year old had fallen asleep coming home from my nieces Confirmation, so I took him from the car and brought him inside still sleeping...he was ten feet away from the incident...still sleeping!!) and peeked in the kitchen- nothing was awry. So, I went around the corner, and came face-to-face with a 400lb. black bear. We have a sliding glass door off of our dining area, which is attached to the kitchen, and it was 75 degrees, so we had the glass door open and used the screen door, which is usual for us on warm days/nights. He/she had knocked the screen door right in and it fell to the wood floor (which is the crash we heard) and he/she had walked right in the house from the patio. I immediately started screaming for my husband, and everything flashed through my mind within seconds...how do I get my son out without getting mauled, how can I get a pot to either bang together or hit it with without getting mauled (which the "bear experts" recommend). I started making as much noise as I possibly could screaming, clapping, yelling, and waving my arms to frighten it. Somehow, by truly God's intervention, he/she backed right up back out the door and sat on the steps (this was all within about 20 seconds!!) I then ran around the table and managed to slam the glass door shut from the other side, then locking it. The bear then tried to get in again, slamming and pawing at the door.
I am so grateful for God's protection that no one was hurt/killed. I am so grateful that I did not have a heart attack (I know it sounds funny...but I was so frightened and I have a heart condition to begin with, that was certainly a possibility!!). And, I am so grateful for the five state troopers that came right away and chased this bear for over an hour to get a clear shot, to no avail. They were determined and tried their hardest, deep into the woods in the pitch black of night. I will be even more grateful when we get this bear...
The next morning the state contacted us to come to put up a bear trap to try to catch it (not the first time we've had one...and it never trapped one either!!) Well, yesterday the family of six bears (I think it was actually the Mama that came into the house) tried to get in the door again, then walked right over to the trap, looked in, and kept on walking. They're smarter than we think!!
So, it is an adventure living here in the Northeast, and we were always super cautious to all of the wildlife we have around our property. We are used to it. But never, ever did I think I had to be afraid in my home. Until now.
Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you watch over us, our families, and our children. We thank you for being the place we can run to for safety, refuge and shelter. Hear our prayers, Lord. Keep our hearts tuned in to You as we dwell in the shelter of Your kingdom.


  1. My mouth just dropped! I'm so thankful no one was hurt! God certainly was looking out for you and your family. I'm not sure what I would of done if I came face to face with one. Have a good week and I pray they catch them soon.

  2. Oh, my gosh, that's scary! Thank God you are all safe. Something sure must have smelled good to attract Mama bear. I hope that the authorities are able to trap her, and her family, and take them to a higher, safer place.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness! The protection of our Lord is an amazing thing. Did your son ever even see the bear? Did you wake him with your screaming? I canNOT imagine!

  4. My word, that is scary. I am glad everyone is OK! I am currently having a bear issue. This bear has came to my house the last 4 nights looking for food. I removed all bird feeders and seeds 3 days ago. Last night it came twice the first time at 11:30p. We tried everything to scare it away, banging on the windows leaving the outdoor lights on, and indoor lights. It came back at 1:00a. and tried getting in my back door. It woke my eleven year old by pushing and scratching on the door and messing with the door handle (thank goodness the door was locked), when he woke to that he looked at the door and said he saw a big black bear looking in at him. There is a paw and nose print on the window of the door. I have 5 kids in this house and a husband out of town working, and all DNR wants to do right now is give me a little pistol type thing that makes noise to try and scare it away. But they don't have time today, they said they would be out tomorrow morning and bring the noise thing. I hope God is with my 5 kids and me tonight!