Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

We are THAT family is hosting a Meal Planning edition of Works for Me Wednesday, and I thought I'd share my quick tip...

When meal planning, I peruse the fliers for the stores first for what's on sale and try to plan my meals accordingly. Then, I set up my grocery lists according to the layout of the store for what I need for that week (I usually visit two right next to the other!) I write the item and the sale price, how many I need and a "C" if I have a coupon for it (and how many coupons I have). I then clip my corresponding coupons to the shopping list, in the order of my list, so I run in the store, go through each aisle, grab each item, and if they don't have an item I remove the coupon and put it in my envelope in my bag, and I'm usually out the door in under 1/2 hr.


  1. I also write on my list what coupons I have, and I also sometimes need to write on there the quantity, size, etc. It is so much easier to reference your list than look through a bunch of coupons at the store, esp. if you have kids with you.

  2. I like to note how many of a coupon I have along with dollar amount of the coupon and how many you need to buy to use the coupon.

  3. I love the idea of writing a C next to the items you have coupons for. That is a great way to be organized and save money!