Sunday, February 1, 2009

We Are the Champions!!!


Recovering here after having to jump start my heart during the last few minutes of the, my...we got our money's worth on this one! What a game!! (Honestly, I enjoy these games much more than the total blowouts!)
We enjoyed our scaled down, quiet, "comfy-cozy" night...we would've loved the guests, but there was just no way to have our get-together tonight.

What we served up:

"Primanti" cheesesteak hoagie ring (real steaks, sandwich sliced at the butcher), sliced kielbasa in brown sugar syrup, pierogies, and fries. (can't forget the chips!)

My tray: "Primanti" cheesesteak, kielbasa, and pierogies
And for dessert: Klondike Bars (a Pittsburgh original)

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