Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentines Day...


Here is the pizza we made for the was their dinner, our appetizer!! It came out perfect! We paired it with some berries and fruit salad, red punch (they were so excited to have this because they never get to drink red punch...the simple things!!) a hershey kiss, and a cupcake.

After getting the kids into bed (and after my husband was through talking to one of his fellow coaches...not kids...doesn't have a clue about calling on Valentine's night!!! It's all about basketball!!) I had the table set for my husband and I in front of the fireplace... good china, stemware, and all! Only thing I deviated from in this plan was the dessert... it was just such a crazy day...two basketball games, and food shopping, that I didn't get to try out the molten chocolate cakes. I made brownies and fresh whipped cream instead. Except... we were so full from dinner we didn't have any dessert!!
It turned out to be an exceptional Valentine's Day and Night for the whole family!!

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