Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inside Our Lunch Boxes

My husband's lunchbag (a plastic store bag) is packed with delicious leftovers every day. For a boy who, according to his mother, never ate a leftover in his life...he's come a long way!
My daughter attends kindergarten in the afternoon and therefore eats before she 11:30am. Whether she needs a lunchbag or eats at home, her lunches are pretty uneventful, run-of-the-mill choices. Her lunchbag (Camp Rock edition) is usually packed with a homemade PB&J uncrustable (since our beloved PBJammerz were discontinued!) unless she needs a peanut free lunch, which then her meal of choice is crackers and cheese. If she's home, she'll occasionally request a grilled cheese or organic hot dog. She does, however, need a packed snack for school each day, which is either a "fruit wand" (kabob), crackers, a piece of fruit, or mandarin oranges. For a sweet choice, usually on Fridays, I'll pack an organic pop tart. (I love them myself!!)

Myself, however, I love to pack up my lovely Vera Bradley "Lets Do Lunch" bag any chance I get. I love to unwrap a sandwich packed in the "papery" meat packing paper. I don't know why, I just do! And here's one of my favorites to bring along: Roast beef, bacon, and bleu cheese wraps. With it I'll have a bag of "Munchos" (only ever on picnics) or kettle chips. Add in a big, thick homemade cookie of some sort, and a cold thermos of milk. Mmmmmm...
Too bad it's 2 degrees outside. I'm really in the mood to pack a picnic for the park!!

What's in your family's lunchboxes?
Need some inspiration??
Go here for Wholefoods great article on Building a Nutrition-packed day (including lunch!)
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Roast Beef, Bacon, & Bleu Cheese Wraps:


10 in. Wraps/flour tortillas
1 pk. cream cheese, softened
1C. crumbled bleu cheese
1/4C. milk
6 (or more if you like) slices crisp, cooked bacon
pepper and onion powder to taste
thin deli-sliced roast beef

1. Mix cream cheese, bleu cheese, milk, bacon, and seasonings together.
2. Spread 1/2 of mixture over wrap. Layer half of roast beef, lettuce, and tomato (in that order) on top, leaving 4 inches at one side covered only with cream cheese mixture. Beginning at side covered with fillings, begin to roll tightly. Repeat with remaining wrap, mixture, and fillings.
3. Cut each wrap into 5 slices. Wrap with plastic wrap (and then paper wrap, of course!)

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