Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Fun Must Go On

In spite of our sad news today, my husband and I made the decision to continue on with plans for Family Fun Night. Tomorrow, hopefully we'll be able to visit with family. But for now, with little ones around life must go on, even though you're grieving inside. So, tonight we planned to make lasagna together. And, since we're in the middle of a snowstorm and expecting 10inches of snow, we decided to go out and play while the lasagna baked. It was a great, warm meal to welcome us in from the cold (17degrees!)

I made "Sizzler bread" to go along with it. I sliced french bread, mixed together softened butter, cheddar and parm. cheese, put a dollop on each side of the bread and grilled until brown. Yum-O!

The kids had a great time... my three year old was asleep on the bench at the dinner table at 6:25pm! And the six year old in jammies and ready for bed at 7:30pm!! Now that's what I call a super ending to Family Fun Night!!

Is anyone else experiencing a snowstorm today or taking part in any other Family Fun events??

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