Monday, January 19, 2009

A Shopping Trip to BJ's and Sam's Clubs

Today I did my bi-weekly trip to BJ's and Sams Clubs. They're about 30-40mins away and both relatively near one another, so the deals justify the trip. With gas down so affordably now I'll make the trip, but when gas was so high I didn't- the cost to get there outweighed the bargains. I must say that in the past I was partial to BJ's, since they had so many more organic products and I thought their prices were better, only going to Sams for organic milk and things other than food. However, today I saw a HUGE change and was astonished that BJ's was so much more expensive than Sams! And to top it off, BJ's didn't have half of the things I get there on a regular basis! How disappointing! Read further as I explain!
This shopping trip supplements my freezer and dry good pantry/stockpile. I still have quite a bit of chicken and ground beef left! It's lasting longer than I thought!
6 organic 1/2gallon milks (Sams): $19.68
1 gallon conventional whole milk (Sams): $2.99 (BJs gallon was $.04cents less for the record!)
2 half and half's (Sams): $2.74
5lbs shredded mozzarella (Sams): $10.37 (BJs same bag was $15.89!!) *I'm not finding organic cheeses these days at our grocery store...maybe not a market for them?
3lbs. Kielbasa (Sams) for our Super Bowl party: $6.37 (BJ's price $9.99!)
3lbs. red Domestic grapes (BJ's) (Domestic (prod. of USA) is as safe as organic grapes) $6.99
5lbs. organic apples (BJ's): $6.99 (these went way up in price!)
300ct. Flinstone equiv. childrens vitamins (Sams): $8.37 (this will be almost a once a year purchase, since they'll last 300 days...we're unable to get the polyviflor vitamins anymore with the flouride and vitamins in one, so 6y/o needs to take flouride pill and Flinstones as recomm. by ped.)
(2) 2lb. bags organic baby carrots (BJ's): $4.98
*150 tall kitchen bags (Sams): FREE!! w/ free $10g.c. for renewing membership. If you're a new member, get a $25 g.c.!!
Total for 2 weeks: $69.48

I'll only need eggs, bread if necess., lettuce/salad, and maybe another gallon of whole milk to last through the two weeks! Not bad!! And...believe it or not I didn't use any coupons! That's a first!!

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