Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hellooooooo CVS!

It was brought to my attention that some of my friends out there don't know about the great CVS deals and have yet to start CVS'ing!! Well, let me share with you! There are some great primers on how/where to begin here and here. I can't begin to tell you the amount of money I saved through Extra Care Bucks since learning the art of the deal!! Since May, when I first started, I no longer pay for paper towels, dental items, over-the-counter medicines, little to nothing on diapers and wipes, makeup, shampoos, and even Christmas items/gifts!! I'm not a die-hard "extra care buckeroo" since CVS is about 15mins away, but I do make one trip a week if it's worth it in the end. The nice thing about our local store is that their coupons/ECB's don't expire (they have an expiration date but they don't pay attention to that...they always honor them!) So ask your local store's store coupon policy! If you're a newbie, then start couponing and saving every coupon that crosses your path! Start a system that you think will work for you. I'll share a post in the near future of what works for me. And get ready to score some deals/free stuff!!

After many of the battery ECB deals pre-Christmas last month I haven't been to CVS other than to pick up two prescriptions (which earned me $1ECB btw!!)

But, this week coming looks as if it can be a good one (for our family anyway...) Ziploc freezer twin pack bags are $5.99 earning $2 ECB's (many ziploc coupons out there!). We use these all the time! Also, I am a huge fan of Bounty select-a-size, and CVS has an awesome brand that is just like it, for half the price!! And, the icing on the cake until Jan,17th is the $3 off CVS brand coupon. So pair that coupon along with this one (until the 9th) (thanks Mindi), and we're in business! I just received my seasonal rewards ($4.50 ECB's) so I'll put them to good use! I always like getting things we need and use for next to nothing...right now I am stocked to the gills with toothpaste, even after donating so many tubes during the holidays to every pantry and shelter that needed, as well as the school's baskets for the needy. However, I do have a reputation of being a sucker for ECB's, so I may end up with a tube or two in my basket... Remember, if there's an item that you don't necessarily need or use that is generating some needed ECB's, and on top of that you have a coupon to match, you can always donate it! That is what's great about this program! Those that are not always able to donate to organizations or the needy that want to, but tough economic times make it difficult, here's your answer!

Preview this weeks flier here.

Will you be CVS'ing this week? Share your scenario plans! Click here for other great scenarios! I always check out the Centsible Sawyers CVS posts!

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