Friday, April 9, 2010

Fine Weather!!

Please excuse my tardiness in posting my Finer Things Friday... spring break business!

Easter Morning...

Every Easter for as long as I can remember, we went down to the beach for the weekend. We would pack our Easter baskets, as well as our snowsuits, hats, gloves, and boots. It was always so cold! (The heat was always going, and I still remember the smell of the electric heat being used the first time of the year!!) Easter at the beach, a Finer Thing in my book!!
Well folks, not this year!!! It was 82° and sunny on Easter!! My daughter wore her sleeveless dress and we left the cardigan at home! We went to mass, (no sunrise service for us this year!! slackers...), then went out for brunch and quickly returned home so we could go on the beach!! It was absolutely beautiful! We got some much needed Vitamin D, and some color, and the kids played in the sand and the water until dusk! Then, at dusk, we had Papa's...I mean the Easter Bunny's... annual egg hunt on the beach.

The sun is setting at our egg hunt..

The next day was even hotter...a scorching 86°! Too bad Daddy had a baseball game and had to get home!!

We're home now from our little jaunt to the coast, but we were reveling in the beautiful, un-seasonal weather... as high as 88°!! I had to make a trip up to the attic to get some clothes for everyone! Alas, today we were quickly faced with reality, as it is 50°, and damp. Oh well, so much for the tease. We enjoyed it while it lasted!!

Pictures from last year's Easter here...

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful morning! Easter at the beach sounds divine! ♥the pictures!~Mrs. Quirk