Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Bringing Your Child for Labwork

Ugh...bloodwork. I don't even like having bloodwork done, let alone having my children have their blood drawn!! The anxiety...the anticipation!! My daughter went for labwork this morning and it has been the talk of the classroom and dinner table since Monday. She was so brave!!
Before the big event, one does their research on how to make this a "more pleasant experience"...
All of the experts note the same recommendations:
Reassure her while she gets a needle.
Explain that it won't be more painful than a pinch and will be over quickly. (hopefully!!)
Encourage her to be strong and brave. While a needle looks frightening, they're not dangerous.
Talk to her calmly.
Take deep, slow breaths. (Child and Mom!!)
That's all well and good folks. But, what Works for Me?? Going out for breakfast after, going to school late, and good 'ol fashioned bribery...

Silly Bands...they're all the rage!

Works every time!!


  1. That is good advice. One of my daughters literally almost took myself, her baby sister and the nurse down when she had to get blood work. It was awful!

  2. Excellent tips! I work for the most wonderful pediatrician. This is how she does it. She asks the child to 'look the other way.' Then she asks questions about school, or maybe whatever movie I have playing on our TV. The kid is so occupied with answering the questions they don't even know what's happening until Dr. A says, "and we're done!" I always love the looks of surprise on their faces to realize it didn't hurt.
    Sometimes, it's more what the kid picks up from mommy or daddy (sorry, it's usually mommy) that makes them nervous. I've actually had to hold a few little ones because mommy couldn't even look!
    I do have to tell you a funny thing. Babies remember! Even if a baby hasn't seen Dr. A in months, she/he will take one look at her and SCREAM. I'm sure the parents are glad that it is a few years between shots--it also gives the kid time to realize what a nice lady Dr. A is, LOL!