Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finer Things Friday: Fine Weather BBQ!

It's only March, and yes, this could be a tease, but today (Thurs.) hit a high of 69° so we filled the grill and had our first BBQ of the season! I quickly made some phone calls and rounded up my parents and my sister and her family...the kids were in the fields playing, the Itunes were playing, and we were wishing it was Friday!! (but quickly remembered it was a school night, and so the party was a quick one!!) Tomorrow's forecast, as well as the weekend's: 70°+ and sunny! (And there's another party planned for Saturday!!) Bring it on!!
Being outside all day, basking in the sunshine, soaking in the Vitamin D, and spending time with family...that's a Finer Thing!!


  1. My husband cleaned our grill up last weekend and we had our first bbq. The first of was a looong winter.

  2. We are so glad that spring is arriving too! Looks yummy and makes me want to go make sure the propane tank is full for our grill =)

  3. We've had our tease, and now it's 34° with snow on the ground. I'm so ready to fill my grill!