Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grilled Chicken with Bacon & Cheese- Under $5

(The picture does not do this meal any justice)

Grilled Chicken with Bacon & Cheese

1lb. grilled boneless chicken breast (I use a little less...I slightly freeze the breasts, then thinly slice them, then pound them thin...I got 6 pieces.)
6 slices crisp bacon
4 slices american cheese (or any other cheese you choose)
2T. BBQ sauce
First grill your chicken, either in a pan or on your grill. (I grill the whole 1.75lb. package, and use the other half for another nights dish)
Brush lightly with BBQ sauce for flavor, top with crisp bacon and cheese (I slice the cheese to fit the chicken breasts as not to waste). My husband does not like BBQ sauce...but loves this dish. I won't tell if you don't!!
Either continue grilling on low on your grill, in your pan, or you can put under broiler on low for about a minute. You decide.
Cost breakdown:
Chicken breasts: $1.85
bacon: $.54
cheese: $.64
BBQ sauce: free (couponing)
Total: $3.03

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