Friday, September 18, 2009

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy...

Yesterday at school my daughter lost her second tooth. How school! It's such a big deal when they lose their tooth at school. Their name automatically goes right onto the tooth chart; no need to wait until the next morning. (When I taught second grade it was the same way... the tooth chart was the big thing!) Her only complaint, "If only I'd lost it a few days earlier...I would've been the first. Ryan lost his on Monday!!" Gee is hard!
Well, after leaving my husband's game last night in the third quarter (at 9pm!!!) I knew they would be good and exhausted, and it would be an easy visit for the Tooth Fairy. (After losing her first tooth, the tooth fairy flittered into her room at 1:30am, only to find a wide-eyed nosy Nellie awaiting her arrival...around 5am that morning, she was able to make her delivery.) Last night the Tooth Fairy found herself in the same situation. Even though the little princess was "snoring" over the baby monitor, each time she [the Tooth Fairy] tiptoed in, the princess awoke. "Did she come yet...did she come yet?" Mommy said she was just coming to check. When my husband rolled in around 11:30pm, after a big loss, films, you coach's wives know the drill, we were just laughing at how we were going to "make the drop".
Finally, exhausted, the Tooth Fairy stumbled her way in to plant the goods...not risking taking the tooth and waking the princess. Ah...operation completion!! My husband: "You left the tooth? You're not supposed to leave the tooth!" So, thinking about it half the night (oh the guilt we feel as mom's!!) I decided I'd try again to sneak in and take the tooth. After all, she left the first tooth because, it's her first lost tooth. She can't do it again!! So, when I went in this morning to wake her up I swiped the little box before I woke her and slipped it in my pocket. Mission Accomplished!!
All is well in Fairy Land.


  1. So sweet...way to go tooth fairy!

  2. Oh, that is funny. We definitely have to be sneaky tooth fairies!