Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Lights

I'm a coach's wife. A coach's daughter. A football Mom. A cheerleading Mom. Yes, aside of watching my children forage around the perimeter of our three acre parcel to gather enough leaves to make a pile to jump in, (since the forest surrounding us is the only place where there's trees), my favorite thing about fall is a football game under the lights. There's just something about Friday Night Football. Crisp air. The band electrifying the fans. Freezing your "touckas" off on the aluminum bleachers. Seeing the steam or "fire" as my three year old calls it rise from the players backs. Why else would I be scouting a rival football game on my honeymoon eight years ago??!! Yeah...that's football!!


  1. I love fall football games as well! We go to a few since Hubby helps direct the university marching band. I was in marching band for 6 years and LOVED snuggling in a sleeping bag pulled over my feet and "toukas" on those chilly nights!

  2. Is that your field?! Tell me that's not your field. Ours, so sad. I'll send you a pic sometime. ;-)